March 03, 2011

salad with bleu cheese

my husband and i went to a fabulous restaurant this past weekend and as part of our meal had this salad. i'm pretty sure the restaurant made the bleu cheese, but since i'm not that ambitious, i just grabbed a low-fat option at the store.


2-3 C chopped green leaf or romaine lettuce (or both)
4-5 grape tomatoes sliced in half
5-7 whole roasted hazelnuts
1/4 of a pear, shredded
bleu cheese dressing to taste


toss the lettuce with the dressing. not over doing it with the dressing is key here, or it will overwhelm all the other flavors. it should be a background taste. sprinkle with the tomatoes and hazelnuts. put the shredded pear all together in a little clump at the top and crack some pepper over it. voila!